Industry experience

We are a nearshore software development company based in Corona, CA, with a delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico offering Nearshore development services.


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Colorado Springs is home to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the “Highest zoo in America,” at an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level.


Step Up Learning Co

The company offers online English language learning services, accompanied by native language tutors in individual classes. The company originally from Tulsa, in Oklahoma, has students in different Spanish-speaking countries positioning itself as one of the main platforms in distance learning today.

Financial services


Banco del Bajío. It’s a multiple banking financial institution, with special service and attention in business and commercial branches.

Nutritional supplements


Omnilife is a Mexico-based company and the largest in the world that develops high-quality dietary supplements, helping thousands of people to maintain or improve their health.

Medical research


Centris is an online system for managing clinical trials. Its innovation lies in the optimization of processes for document organization and in the agility of searching for related information, achieving optimization of time, resources and access to content.



eKomite is an online system that allows the Research Ethics Committees to review their projects more efficiently and dynamically.


Ekar de Gas

Ekar de Gas is a company from Guadalajara, considered as the most important home appliances distributor in Jalisco, which also sells housework related products; being his principal goal the welfare and efficiency of families.


Clir Research

Clir Research Insider is the ideal worldwide social network for any researcher, whether clinical or any other type. It’s main objective is to be a way for researchers to communicate and thus share their work, expose what they have accom-plished or even get involved in an ongoing investigation.


Universidad Panamericana

University in Mexico with four campuses that serve about twelve thousand students in thirty-three undergraduate academic programs.



PickTrace is a fast-growing software company that provides workforce and harvest management solutions for large-scale farms. PickTrace is building the farm management system of the future.

Legal services


Avalco is a cloud system which allows you to create, organize, link and modify legal documents, its file automation software allows you to create personalized legal documents without problems following essential standards channeled by specialists.

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