Our Methodology

Our methodology for software development is based on SCRUM, which brings together the best practices of cloud and business development in a single system which can be adapted for most software projects.



Shared vision definition

With our IT Consulting Service you will be able to set and clarify your ideas with our team so you can identify exactly what the project and its guidelines will be about.

We provide you the most effective advices on how to attain your project, using our technology knowledge and analytic tools, and finally we help determine the objectives, requirements, period of time, and the entire scope for the project.


Problem feature clarity

At this point we set the milestones, identify the process and collect the required tasks, activities and strategies to succeed on your project

Our team looks for the most feasible coding process for long terms benefits, integrating our methodology on every step.


Work Process

We start running the programming process, evaluating and testing each step according to the objectives and sub-objectives previewed.

On every stage, we look forward to communicate in the most effective way and to be in touch with you so you can be part of every step.

At the end of this point, a coded software will be delivered.


Minimum Viable Product

Once the software has been coded and tested successfully, you will be able to see a developed product according to the requirements established on the planning stage.


Full Build

By this point, we adjust, modify, and verify the coded process if necessary ,just to achieve the project goals

What we look for is the excellence, that is why we think the full build step is so important to accomplished the specific objectives that have been settled at the beginning of the project.



Delivery time!

You will see your software working directly on your web/mobile desktop.

Tell us a bit what you want to build