Universidad Panamericana

Universidad Panamericana 257 258 Ana Ortega

We design and developed a resource manage-ment platform for the institute’s researchers, which was linked-up with events, newsletters, articles, and a researchers info directory.

Ekar de Gas

Ekar de Gas 257 258 Ana Ortega

We developed an eCommerce, capable of serving as an independent retail outlet to any of the branches. The user can either buy a product online and receive it in a specific location, order a product and pick it up in a store, or just use our platform as a catalog and window-shop the roducts in stock.


BanBajio 257 258 Ana Ortega

Their previous system presented a big amount of anomalies in the algorithm and database which generated duplicated information, in addition to errors while executing any process.

A staff training system was developed and implemented in the bank ́s local network for six thousand employees

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 257 258 Soporte

Our team identified the system failures, a diagnosis was made and the different vulnerabilities were repaired; In addition, the platform was migrated to a separate server to run future tests and modifications, as well as security backups.


Omnilife 257 258 Soporte

App developed with Android, is capable of showing information between dif ferent monitors consecutively with a command fr om a tablet. The user selects the wanted product fr om the device and the monitors display dif ferent graphic elements: the first monitor shows a picture of the chosen product, the second one a small description and the third one an animation of the exact part of the body which will be benefited.