We are a nearshore software development company based in Corona, CA, with a delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico offering Nearshore development services to companies in the United States and Canada.

Our clients get the advantage of highly skilled programmers from the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico to help them grow their teams quickly and affordably without the pains of trying to communicate with team members from very different time zones.

How does the communication work with the programmer’s you assign to me?

In most cases, the biggest challenge for our clients who require programming is to communicate in the best way so that all project participants understand and know each of their objectives and responsibilities.

That why in Codebay que take the following measures to ensure an effective communication:

  • A schedule will be established for a daily meeting (Scrum Meeting) with the project or project leader. This meeting will not take more than 5 to 10 minutes. The purpose of the meeting is to review the progress of the previous day and today’s work plan.
  • A weekly plan review meeting will be held, identifying project adjustments, needs and priorities. This meeting will take place with the Codebay programmer and the project manager (Clients and/or bosses can be included if you consider it beneficial).

The week’s progress will be reviewed as well as the next week’s work plan.

What is the advantage of hiring a developer or developers in Codebay?

At Codebay we have a dedicated team with a variety of programming skills and experience. When you work with us you get a dedicated programmer or programmers with the specific skills you need for your project as well as a dedicated account representative.

In Codebay we select the perfect candidate for every project you want to develop, in addition to our 8 year experience in the software development industry, our team collaborates in a joint way for the fulfillment of the stated objectives and goals.

We follow our Agile Methodology with a series of activities, guidelines and important specifications that help us to deliver a MVP (Minimum Valiable Product) with efficient, in order to offer you at all times a specialized, personalized and quality service.

How do you measure the level of the developer/s I hire?

Our recruitment process starts by selecting a candidate that fits perfectly with the vacancy we are looking for. There is a general interview where we ask the developer’s experience as well as questions about what his/ hers aspirations are. Based on that, we analyze if the profile suits with the project needs.

Then there is a second interview where we look more than anything solid bases depending on the area to which it is dedicated, this interview regularly has a theoretical and practical part, it measures the developer’s ability to reason as well as his/ her behavior when doing programming exercises. Finally, we measure his participation in a team, and if the candidate knows how to work as a team collaborator.

If the developer fulfills the three main attributes we seek such as: Knowledge, good communication, and willingness, we select him/ her as part of our Codebay team.

How does the customer satisfaction service work?

You will have the services of our Sales Executive. A person who will be in constant contact via telephone or email to follow up on the work of our programmers, as well as to attend all the situations of the project’s development.

And, also once a month an effective evaluation will be conducted, using a methodology to measure customer satisfaction known as the Net Promoter Score. This is in order to qualify our programmers, as well as to evaluate the aspects involved in meeting the expected objectives.

Our sales executive will carry out such evaluation quickly and effectively to provide you with quality service and attention at all times.

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